On the Mic

Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a voiceover class where I could listen and watch a group of actors honing their talents on the mic. It’s quite a skill to master. I had never really thought much about doing voiceover until I was deep into the writing and wanted my character to convey […]

From Book to Script

I’ve been sitting in front of my computer all evening as I go over the script to add new scenes. It’s my time to relax and get deep into the writing which is fun and hard at the same time. Writing is re-living these captivating moments that, unlike my book can be challenging to fit […]

Hollywood in Heaven!

Hey Everyone, I’d like to update and share with you, what’s been happening. First I want to say, Thank You for the many wonderful condolences as I’m still grieving with my family over the loss of my foster dad, Hugh, who passed away, September 19th, 2017. He was a big part of my story, Adoption […]

Are You my New Mommy?

When I grew up in foster care I had 11 foster homes. That’s quite a transition to leave a set of parents that were known as mom and dad and have to re-home with new foster parents that are hoping to be called mom and dad. Sometimes I was introduced to parents on a first […]

Father or Dad?

I wanted to share a special message to Foster Dads who love and care for children in their home. There are fathers who love foster children and adopted children the same way they love their own biological children. To me, it is very rare but a foster father is a dad when he is able […]

Identity Theft

From my own experience I can testify that I know it is so important for foster children to hold onto their identity. When a child is in care they struggle with an identity crisis after losing their biological connection to family. The Foster child struggles to fit into a foster home especially when their biological […]