Hollywood in Heaven!

Hey Everyone, I’d like to update and share with you, what’s been happening. First I want to say, Thank You for the many wonderful condolences as I’m still grieving with my family over the loss of my foster dad, Hugh, who passed away, September 19th, 2017. He was a big part of my story, Adoption Not an Option, I loved writing about him and the kind of character he presented. Hugh was a wonderful father who loved his children unconditionally including me. He taught me to believe in myself, he protected and spoke out when I was treated wrong. Hugh was a cowboy legend and hero who inspired the best in others. Today I am working on a new project as a script writer for the book. Yep, you read that right!! Well I quickly learned how exciting it is to take a character such as Hugh and shine a light on him. I hope we find a fabulous actor who will give him justice. The last time I saw my 91 year old dad (Hugh) he strutted over to me wearing his stetson hat and boots and said, “Hollywood keeps calling me…I’m just so dam good-looking! I keep turnin them down cuz I got family here.” Ha ha well he was quite the joker. He often said, “There’s never been a mirror I didn’t like!” I’m sure he’s got everyone in heaven laughing at his awesome sense of humour. Anyway I just wanted to add that the whole filming process is really something! I certainly gained a new respect for people working in this industry. My editor/producer has really fired me up with our exciting drama that we hope will inspire all of you.

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